The 337th Infantry Regiment in Italy During WWII



Then following links are to photos albums that I've created from various sources. Some are photos that my dad has, others are from other 337th veterans have sent me and others are from the Signal Corps (SC) archives at the National Archives in College Park, Md. Each may take a few minutes to load, but be patient, and then click on the thumbnails if you wish to view a full size view of the photo. Use the large arrow at the bottom of each album page to advance or go back within each album. I hope you enjoy my collection.

Men of the 337th - Personal photos from my dad and other 337th veterans.

HQ Company 3rd Battalion Personal Photos from DelMar DeSmidt.

310th Engineers, Company A Personal Photos from Norbert Rebholz.

Northern Appennines Today - Photos from my October 2002 trip to the 337th's area of operations in October, 1944 near Piancaldoli and Guignola, Italy

Then and Now - Photos from my 1999 and 2002 trips to Italy with matching photos of the same location from the National Archives. Some places never change!

85th Division Campaign for Rome - National Archives photos (with 5 digit Signal Corps ID) of the men and locations of the May, 1944 Operation Diadem for Rome.

85th Division Campaign in the Northern Apennines - National Archives photos of the men and locations of the fall, 1944 and Spring, 1945 campaigns in the Northern Apeninnes.

85th Division Scrapbook Photos - Photos from a 85th Division scrapbook I found in the textual records of the 85th Division in the National Archives.

General photos of the Italian Campaign - National Archives photos of the Italian Campaign in general, with no specific campaign application.