The 337th Infantry Regiment in Italy During WWII

337th Honor Roll of those men Killed in Action

Using many resources, including the Quartermaster Corps record of burials in temporary cemeteries, a list of KIA found at the National Archives in College Park, MD and a Internet friend in Holland (Jan Bos) we have compiled a list of 673 men from the 337th that were killed in action.

Wherever possible, I have recorded the man's assigned company or unit. In some cases, the man was assigned to multiple companies.

The number of casualties per 337th unit or company are:

Unit/Company KIA Unit/Company KIA
2nd Battalion 6 HQ 5
337th FA Bn 1 HQ/MED DET 1
A 52 HQ1st Battalion 10
AT 8 I 38
B 53 K 61
C 112 L 55
C/HQ3 1 M 14
D 15 Med Det 3
D/C 1 HQ 2nd Battalion 3
E 30 HQ 3rd Battalion 2
F 36 Service 7
G 36 3rd BN 1
H 9 1st BN 5
Not Identified 108

I believe the high number of KIA in Company C reflects their action on Hills 66 and 69, but until I can identify the company for each man I cannot be certain.

The complete list of 337th KIA can be found at 337th Honor Roll (Sorted alphabetically by Last Name)
The same list of 337th KIA sorted by Unit/Company can be found at 337th Honor Roll (Sorted by Company)
The same list of 337th KIA sorted by Date of Death can be found at 337th Honor Roll (Sorted by Date of Death)

During our 2016 Following Our Father's Footsteps tour to Italy, our group photographed all of the 337th men's grave sites at the Sicily Rome and Florence Cemeteries. A photo of each grave can be seen in these photo albums. The album photos are arranged alphabetically by last name.

337th Infantry Men at the Florence American Cemetery
337th Infantry Men at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery